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  • I’ve been a patient of Dr. Moldavsky for as long as he has been practicing in his Morristown, NJ office. That’s over 12 years!! Same goes for my wife. And my three children, 5, 12, and 14, have only known one dentist during their entire life, Dr. Moldavsky. My experience with Dr. Moldavsky and his staff has been stellar. The fact that my three children grew up having one dentist also speaks volumes, they actually look forward to their dental appointments. The Doctor’s work quality and competency are impeccable, consistent, and unquestionable, the staff is professional and courteous, the wait is never more than 10 minutes, and the results of each treatment have been 100% satisfactory. Over the years we have recommended this office to lots of friends, family members and colleagues. I am happy to recommend this Doctor and his practice to anyone serious about taking care of their teeth.

    Gene S
  • I was lucky enough to have a colleague recommend Serge Moldavsky, and I’ve been extremely happy with my experience there. His office uses digital x-rays, and he has very modern equipment throughout the office. The Hygienist must have OCD, because she consistently gives me the most thorough cleanings. The office is in a convenient location on South St. in Morristown, they whole team there is very friendly and accommodating, and Dr. Moldavsky take a gentle, conservative approach to any invasive treatment. I highly recommend this Dental practice. Go there for one cleaning as a test run, and I’m confident you’ll drop your other dentist and switch to this office.

    Eric F
  • Dr.Moldavsky is The Best Dentist I ever known! He is very knowledgeable and does all he can to provide best treatment. He is very good with my kids as well! It is a rare case when kids are actually exited to see a dentist :-)

    Genna B